Memorial Day…

War sucks. We all know this. Most of them are built on lies and justified by the same. Less people know that particular truth. I’m not going to go into a whole huge thing about politics and how much war sucks. This isn’t the proper time for it.

Yes, war sucks. But to me, that doesn’t mean we should look down upon the people that fought in those wars. I have tremendous respect for people who would put their lives on the line for something they thought was right…even if it turned out to be based on a lie.

My hope is for healing for those who did not die, those who awoke to the truth of what our governments were making them do. They were trying to do the right thing. So very often, the governments do not. On Memorial Day here in the US, it’s not about the government. It’s about the men and women that gave their lives (either literally or figuratively) doing what they felt was right.

So, here’s to all those soldiers, doing what they think is best, their families and loved ones either mourning their passing or struggling with the grief of an awakened soul.

May you all find peace.



Kicking This Thing Off!

So interestingly enough, I’ve held onto this blog name since 2012. I’ve never done anything with it, but that’s about to change. I read a great post this morning by another blogger I follow (found here) which talked about creating a blog as a ministry. Now…I’m not really into the whole ministry thing (this may be discussed in a later post), but it sure did get me thinking.

And then I recalled that I had a wordpress blog, so I popped on over. After a few tries getting my password to work, &c., well. Here we are!

I’ve started a lot of blogs in the past, and they’ve always sort of fizzled out after a little while. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve either A- tried to keep my blog too focused (as in, on one particular subject and excluding all else), or B- far too general. One way or another, I found I sort of have a follow-through problem. I love to start projects but rarely finish them. One of the things I want to start doing with myself is being more consistent. I’d also like a place to gather my thoughts and maybe even share them.

Perhaps this blog will be the place.

What you will find here is a variety of subjects of interest to me personally. Some may be political, spiritual, or controversial in nature. The opinions expressed therein will be my own, or the opinion of someone else that I agree with.

So if you feel like reading, feel free to. If you don’t like what you read when you do, and you feel a strong desire to comment on my blog, know in advance that if you’re extremely rude or abusive toward myself or anyone else, your comments will be deleted.

That being said, I do like a good debate. Healthy, constructive debating is encouraged. Just not abusive behaviors.

At any rate, this should be interesting. I hope I can stick with it, and I hope you (plural) enjoy what you find here.