Covering & Modesty

I posted this on a MBTI (INFJ) facebook group just now, when the subject of head covering came up. It came out really well and I don’t want to lose it, so I’m going to post it here for posterity. 🙂


Oh my gosh. Brace yourselves for an insane wall of text!

TL;DR version: I cover my head part time, dress modestly (so does my hubby) and we both find it great for many, many reasons!


Some of the time, I cover my head when I’m in public (not hijab style, as I’m not Muslim and don’t want to be confused with one and/or possibly offend one). I really like to do it; I feel more feminine and beautiful, and I’ve noticed that the attitudes of men toward me changes a LOT when I do. I get more respect and a lot fewer lewd glances/comments. I haven’t decided on what kind of style I like overall, so I go back and forth over covering and only do it when the mood strikes me, as opposed to those that do so full time. Most of the time, I choose the Orthodox Jewish style of covering, because it keeps me cooler in the Florida heat.

I do dress modestly, basically without my titties hanging out everywhere. I tend to wear tops that cover my chest completely (see my profile pic), with sleeves that come down to or pass the elbow (no tank tops/spaghetti straps outside the home), and pants or long skirts that are around the ankle area. I’ve never been comfortable showing a lot of leg, and even before I started getting more modest, even when I wore shorts, I would be pretty uncomfortable if they weren’t to my knee (a la bermuda shorts).

I kind of feel like the only person that should be seeing my thighs at any point is my husband, and since I respect him and our relationship, I keep that stuff covered up. For the same reason, HE doesn’t go around with his shirt off in public anywhere (and really? Even fairly rarely at home, unless we are in bed).

A lot of people might say that my thinking is backward (especially the being modest part) and I should get with the 21st century, but I personally think that more people would be happier if they were judged on the contents of their mind over how much skin they’ve got showing.

My husband has this great saying about people who walk around immodestly (half naked, which we see a lot of here in Florida from BOTH genders): “They’re showing the only thing they’ve got.” Meaning, just skin and looks, no brains or personality. I’ll take the brains and personality over “looking hot” any day of the week.

Also, that being said, why would I want/need to look hot for anyone else besides my husband, anyways? He gets plenty of lingerie and sexytimes, but he loves that I respect our relationship enough to keep my parts sacred for him and him alone. And I’m grateful that he does the same for me (because, frankly, my husband is SUPER hot, and I get a little jealous sometimes when other women look at him!). Anyways, my point is, being modest and covering up is good for BOTH of us.