A Brief Thought About Covering…

I’ve noticed that since covering, I seem to be less “available-seeming” to men in general. I get more respect, which I love, and a lot less of being hit on, etc.

10635910_4512916078268_6896381297500472373_nI find it even more interesting because where I live, there isn’t a large Orthodox group, and other than the Muslimas that are around town, I so far have been the only one wearing my scarves in a Jewish fashion (despite the fact that I’m not Jewish). In fact, I’ve only ever had ONE instance where a man in my store at work said he thought I looked like a “religious Jewish woman”. I found it weird to note that he did not specify “married”, but rather “religious” specifically.

I wonder if it’s possible that there is some epigenetic predisposition toward seeing a woman with her head covered as being “taken”…



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